Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Antique Books

Common Wayside Flowers, published 1860  Birket Foster and Thomas Miller

The Song of the Cardinal by Gene Stratton Porter
Book cover design by Margaret Armstrong


  1. They just don't make books like this nowadays. So pretty!!

  2. my grandmother had this beautiful antique now version of 'the song of the cardinal' when i was a kid. i read it at the age of 14. i don't remember the renewed romance of the farm couple though. without telling the whole story, though, not to ruin it for anyone; i do remember an angrily dealt lesson in respecting nature. gene had a beautiful and purely precious way of stirring my imagination through the words she used to describe things! i wish i had inherited the book but out of one daughter and three sons i don't even know which one did. i wish i had wound up with the book, i miss its beauty (the cover) and the beauty of the story just as much or more. it raised my consciousness toward wild creatures and being a nature lover *smiles ~fond memory.